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June 28, 2011
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Chapter 17: Dreams and Nightmares

© Lady Owl

It was dark and quiet. The only light came from the soft violet pulse of the plasma energy conduits as they hummed along the walls of Neelix's quarters.

For several minutes, Heather had stirred in her sleep. She twitched and whimpered lightly against the pillow.. and then began to toss and turn which caused her to entangle herself within the sheets. It wasn't until she cried out, that Neelix finally woke.

Her cry had startled him awake so suddenly, that he could feel the fast pounding of his heart thud rapidly up into his throat. His eyes darted about as his tired, shaken mind tried to make sense of the sudden confusion and he could feel his body tremble from an instant spike of adrenaline that now coursed through his veins.

Without even thinking, Neelix reached out to her and grasped her firmly as her cries became screams. He pulled her to himself, dragging her along the bed which freed her upper body from the tangled mess of sheets. They slid down around her legs and she kicked violently in a panic until she freed herself entirely from its grasp.

"Heather! Heather..!" He called out to her as he held her against his chest, his arms crisscrossed around her to keep her firmly in place. She struggled and gasped out, eyes wide as she woke instantly and grasped roughly at his arms. He winced as he felt her nails dig into his skin.

"Heather... It's alright... it's alright!" He knew that in the panicked confusion and waking so suddenly, her mind could not make sense of anything. He just wanted her to focus on his voice until she realized where she was and that she was safe... "Shh, Heather. It's ok, you're safe, you're safe..." He spoke softly to her as he rocked her in his arms. She was panting and he could feel that she was moist all over, covered in sweat.

She didn't say a word as she continued to breathe deep. Her eyes were lost as she stared blankly into the darkness. Neelix continued to cradle her softly in his arms until he eventually got some sign that she was coming to. He felt her fingers tremble and lightly knead at his arms as if searching for something.. confirming that he was really there. He could feel her tense body slowly relax in his grip as she blinked hard between breaths and finally laid her head down against him.

"It's ok Heather... I'm here... I'm here..." He gently nuzzled against her face and slid his snout along her check and down to her neck, tightening his grip around her. He felt her shaky fingers grip his arm in response.

He held her for awhile, cradling her and caressing softly along the side of her head to sweep away the loose strands of her hair that had fallen against her face. As her breathing slowed, he felt her grip on him lessen. His gentle touch had brought her comfort and she seemed to gradually slump in his arms. He nudged her gently for a response and when he got none, he carefully twisted himself, bringing her to lay on top of him as he moved onto his back. He shoved the damp sweat filled sheets away to allow the cooler air of the room to evaporate the wetness from her skin. She shivered against him at the cool air and he tightened his grip around her.

Though her breathing had slowed considerably, it had kept deep and long as she fell back asleep on top of him.. as if none of this had ever happened...

Neelix let out a deep sigh of relief and moved his one arm up to place his hand on his forehead. He rubbed softly, attempting to relieve the stress he was feeling. He wondered what had upset her so much in her dreams to cause her such distress... as nothing like this had ever happened before. He was just glad she seemed alright... and moved his hand back down to carefully brush aside her long hair that clung to her moist neck and shoulders.

He laid there in the darkness alone for several minutes until he finally felt his own eyes become heavy. He slowly closed them and drifted off as Heather slept on top of him.

There was movement beneath her...

...Followed by his familiar voice.

Heather roused and slowly opened her eyes in a daze as she felt his body under her... She nestled against him for warmth as she felt the chill of the cool room air over her skin and realized the blankets were not over her.

She was confused as to how she had gotten here. The last thing she remembered clearly was waiting up for Neelix.. and when he hadn't come, going to him only to find him still deep in his work with the ship...

She blinked hard, eyes heavy as she was still tired and unable to fully focus... until Neelix stirred slightly beneath her again. His movement woke her more and ushered in strange memories from the night before, but they were distant. She couldn't quite remember what had happened or, maybe, it was only just a dream.. waking in a panic to Neelix holding her in the middle of the night.. but then, nothing... Had it been a nightmare?

"Heather..." She heard him whisper.. but something was different about the way he had said her name. He wasn't calling to her, not trying to get her attention or wake her.. no.. it almost seemed to come out as a whimper.. a moan.

She titled her head slowly to look up at him, only to find that he was still asleep. She closed her eyes as she turned her head back to rest it against his bare chest and waited to see if he'd repeat her name. She listened to his heart beat. It seemed quicker than usual... Was he having a nightmare of his own? She thought, Should I wake him...?

Several minutes passed... and nothing. Laying there like this, motionless and silent for so long had caused her to slowly doze back off once more... but then he moved again.

She opened her eyes and waited to see if he had woken this time but as he moved beneath her, she thought she felt something odd pressing awkwardly in between them. She adjusted herself over him so she could feel more comfortable... but then paused suddenly... and her eyes went wide.

She froze up in panic and felt her face become extremely warm as she realized what it was... Though her heart was racing, she took a deep breath and shut her eyes tight. Ok...Calm down... She told herself and slowly breathed out... but only felt her heart skip a beat as he moved up against her... and pressed his hips, and member, upward so that it pushed against her pelvis.

"Oh my God..." She whispered under her quickened breath. This couldn't be happening, her mind raced. She didn't know what to do! And it only seemed to be getting worse... He moaned softly and she felt another gentle buck of his hips up against her..

You have to wake him... She thought, Or move off him... but she had to do it discreetly. As much as she was freaking out right now, she knew the entire situation would be a huge embarrassment for him. If he found out that she knew about this, there would be a whole lot of awkward uncomfortableness to follow...

She purposely moved against him, feigning sleep so that whenever he did wake from this, he would assume that his own movements had stirred her, but not enough to wake her and make her aware of the situation. If she simply rolled off of him, she assumed it would be too obvious and wake him suddenly. If she could gently wake him instead, maybe that would be better...

But her movements at first only seemed to worsen the situation and stimulate his dream. His pleasure. He whimpered out her name and pressed his hips up against her again, rubbing himself against her body.

She cringed and tried again, a little more firmly this time. She squirmed against him as she stretched one of her arms out and made an uncomfortable noise, hoping to catch his attention... and thankfully, it seemed worked. He went quiet and motionless for some time, though just to make sure, she turned her head to the opposite side and adjusted her body to follow, still laying flat against his chest, tummy, and... member.. but facing to the right instead of the left.

This seemed to hit home. Neelix groaned softly as he roused and lifted his arms out slowly to stretch. She wanted to breathe out in relief, but it wasn't over yet...

And she heard him gasp... and his heart rate increased. He knew...

She didn't dare move. It was his problem now. Feeling the same panic that she had felt only minutes before as he came to the realization of his predicament...

"Oh... shit.." She heard him whisper and she swallowed, feeling nervous again, not wanting him to know that she was awake and aware of the problem...

Neelix laid still for a moment in silence. His dream had felt so real... and now he knew why... Her small warm body was against him in such a way that he didn't know if it had triggered the dream or not... but it didn't matter because here he was in an uncomfortable situation where he only hoped to god she wasn't aware of... What would she think... what would she say... His mind raced.

He turned his head slightly to look down at her.. and breathed out his tension. She was still asleep.. thank god...

But this was going to be impossible. How was he going to get her off of him without her waking and feeling him... There was just no way. He'd have to lay there and wait until it went away on its own. He tried to take his mind off it to help progress it... but it wasn't working, for she moved on him, nuzzling her little face against his chest.

He breathed out at her movement... half moan.. half panic. He closed his eyes as he felt pleasure and fear at the same time. There was no denying that despite his fear, it felt good to feel her move against him like this, even feeling his member twitch lightly in response. Had this been any other situation, had things been different.. more progressed then they were now, this would be an amazingly wonderful experience that he would have loved to take full advantage of... been so passionate and romantic with her right now.. if he could...

But the fear settled back in as he realized that her movements may suggest that she would wake shortly. He had to find a way to get her off of him and quickly, without waking her.

Heather could feel he was tense. As her own fear seemed to fade away, she felt extremely bad. It was almost... cute, in a way. And she almost wished she was brave enough to just lift her head and hug him right now. To tell him it was alright... that he didn't have to feel embarrassed about this.. But she knew he would, regardless... and that she would feel embarrassed, too. Things were still so awkward between them enough as it was without adding this new little issue to their plate.

But what was odd about all of this, was that the situation seemed to relieve her slightly.

All her embarrassment from checking him out and finding him attractive. Knowing she was blushing when she couldn't take her eyes off of him while he worked. Seeing a little more of him than she expected to because his pants had slipped down low on his hips the day before... As shy and nervous as she was, at the same time it felt really nice. He wanted her. This moment right now proved that. He had moaned out her name. She now knew for sure that she wasn't alone in these feelings...

She found herself more ready to admit she was attracted to him, especially now since this moment couldn't get any more obvious that he was greatly attracted to her, as well... knowing he wanted her like that made her stomach flutter... both from extreme nerves and a warmth she couldn't explain..

Neelix gulped and closed his eyes as he tried to think. If I... were to do it fast.. no.. she might think something was wrong...but if I went right to the wash room... He sighed as his mind raced. He decided he'd just do it.. she would wake any moment now and he'd rather her ask him what was wrong, than know what was really wrong..

He gently moved his hands up and slipped them against her sides. Heather felt her heart beat suddenly as she wondered what he was doing...

He carefully but firmly held her as he turned to his side and let her slip off of him. She slowly opened her eyes and pretended as if this was the moment she first woke. She looked up at him but he didn't say a word to her. He wanted to move himself from her as quickly as possible so she wouldn't feel him... but before he could move back, she moved forward and he felt a wave of panic as she hugged him. He wanted to at least inch his hips back away from her but he felt her hold onto him even tighter.

"Neelix...? Are you ok..?" She asked, just as he suspected she would and he nodded gently against her.
"I'm ok.." He said in a stutter and swallowed hard.
"Oh... well... It's just cause, usually you hug me back so.. I thought something was wrong.." She replied.
His eyes widened in surprise... and he sighed in relief, thankful that, that was what she was concerned about, not him moving her from him so quickly...
"I-I'm sorry.. I.. I didn't even.." He began but he just shut up and slipped his arms around her and hugged her back tightly. He moved his head down, over her shoulder and rested his chin against her back as he kept his eyes closed tight...

God... he loved her so much... When would he be able to tell her...

And for once he was thankful he had worn clothing to bed. He could tell this day was already going to be an interesting one...

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:bulletblue: Chapter One

Going to go see Transformers: Dark of the Moon so I'll reply to comments as soon as I can!

Note: This chapter is short... OTL (but required a lot of fine tuning).

Because these two parts were actually supposed to be apart of the last chapter and the next, but it didn't fit and added too much to an already long ass chapter so I decided to separate them.

But I think what happens in this chapter makes up for its length... hur hur.. :)

Also, a second note: deviantART recently changed the way to full view large art submissions. So if you weren't aware, you have to click TWICE on my recent Sketch Dump to see all the drawings in full view. They were submitted large enough to see the small details. The more you know.

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